“The Brazilian” ABQ Premier: A Comical Take on a Not-So-Laughable Situation

New Mexico filmmaker Lindsy Campbell will be making her directorial debut in her short film, The Brazilian, this Friday, March 8th. Campbell, a native of Las Cruces, has starred in over eleven films, including the award-winning Sci-fi, Zipper. However, this time she takes charge behind the camera.

Campbell’s film, which was finished late last year, will be joining others from across the world in the Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase. Moreover, Campbell’s is the only film that has been featured by a female New Mexican film maker.

The story of The Brazilian revolves around Clair (Larissa LaMont) and Polly (Lauren Boyd), who are best friends and polar opposites. When the shy and [sexually] inexperienced Clair finds herself being asked out by a long-time crush, she calls on the loud and obnoxious Polly for guidance in preparing for her big night.

One of Clair’s most important pieces of advice to Polly is that in order to keep a man coming back, “she mustn’t rock a fro down below,” and the best way to go obtain a hairless downstairs is by having a Brazilian wax done (hence the name).

After deciding that Clair is indeed correct, Polly undergoes the painful task to acquire the beauty she desires—and the boy. The remainder of the film focuses on amusing events and obstacles Polly must also endure to prepare herself for her date.

The Brazilian is actually based on a true story told to Campbell by her best friend since the 8th grade, Alex.  She did experience a horrifying Brazilian wax, and Campbell was immediately inspired by her amusing and detailed account. “After that night, and for two weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking about her story. I sat down one night to write the first draft of The Brazilian, which began as a silent film involving one character and no one else. I wanted more. I wanted characters. I wanted a slapstick comedy,” Campbell states.

Those who go to the premier of The Brazilian and stay for the rest of the Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase, will surely be in for a diverse and entertaining spectacle of film. While it will be more geared towards a female audience, all should feel encouraged to go.

For more information on the New Mexico Women in Film, and information on the showcase, visit New Mexico Women in Film.

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Just a little blonde lady trying to live the dream in the ABQ.
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Just a little blonde lady trying to live the dream in the ABQ.