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Who we are and what we will do for you:

October 1, 2012 Admin 0

We love our local communities:

  • Film reviews and critiques on your indie projects (need some press?)
  • Production people for dare I say, production (New Mexico)
  • Screenplays for TV and film
  • Audio mastering (New Mexico)

Freelance writers:

  • Tom Gibbons – Washington, USA
  • Christopher Preston – England, UK
  • Amy Reith – London, UK
  • Jeremy Shattuck – New Mexico, USA


  • Christopher Preston – England, UK
  • Jeremy Shattuck – New Mexico, USA
  • Amy Reith- London, UK


  • Jacob Shattuck – New Mexico, USA
  • Jeremy Shattuck – New Mexico,USA
  • Izaac Tajan – New Mexico, USA


Hip And Trippy was founded in Santa Fe New Mexico in 1999. Our company originally promoted and produced electronic music performances at clubs, cafes, and outdoor venues during the first few years of operation. By 2005, our company had expanded into artist and media management, as well as producing and promoting various bi-weekly shows.

These days Hip And Trippy rarely promotes any events. Most of our time is invested into film: production, review, and critical theory. We also provide music for film and produce and record several brilliant musicians. Our current modus operandi is to grow into a stronger company through community.  We have hired some brilliant folk from around the world; together we hope to create strength and experience through that unity. There will be many great things coming about. Stay tuned…