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First Hip and Trippy event...

-10/08/09 Happy Birthday Hip And Trippy. Your ten years old today!

-05/04/09 Jahkub aka Lonely Boy live May 12th with Vent and Imeh. No Cover! 21+ Show begins at 10 PM, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Albuquerque NM.

-01/09/09 Happy belated New Year. Not a whole lot going on folks but there are a few projects in the works.

-11/09/08 Working on some new music, hopefully we will have it up by next month. :)

-7/16/08 Busy as of late but we do have some new content on the way and a expansion of the site. Hang in there with us as we expand.

-3/29/08 Widgets everywhere. We have decided we like Reverb Nation here at Hip And Trippy so you will see we are loaded up with widgets and will be untill the next site update.

-3/13/08 New mix set from Lonelyboy posted. Check it out here.

-12/26/07 Happy Solstice and happy holidays from Hip And Trippy.

-10/1/07 PHJC joins forces with Konkrete Jungle to help spread the jungle love. Stay tuned for coming shows.

-6/3/07 Update. Things are pretty quiet for the time being though working on scheduling a couple shows in Honolulu. Show some motivational love and comment in the GUEST BOOK!

-3/27/07 New set by the PHJC. Live From The Living Room @ 192kbps 49 minutes. Check it out, leave us a comment in the guest book of what you think. We will be adding a forum to as well speaking of such.

-3/1/07 Lonely Boy is off in the desert fine tuning his skills and the PHJC is practicing body boarding and starting on a new album.

-2/12/07 PHJC tearing up San Fran and getting ready to head to Hawaii.

-12/03/06 Check out our new band! The Kings Of The Milkyway. WM

-11/09/06 Hip And Trippy is in the middle of an expansion, stay tuned for new artists, news, and music. WM

-9/06/06 The PHJC is back in the studio working on a new album and Lonely Boy is practicing as hard as ever. Stay tuned for new dates in the coming couple weeks. Cheers. WM

-6/08/06 The album Abstractionz by PHJC is now available on CD, and It can be found in the MERCH section. In other news this was found in Europe where it was in the possession of a Swiss lady who had recieved it in Seattle. WM

-5/18/06 Having a great time in Bern, Switzerland and will be arriving in Basel Friday. Ireland was a really great time and I got a chance to hear some good trad. music. – PHJC

-2/13/06 New sweet black Hip And Trippy shirt added to the merch. Also a happy belated New Years and Happy B-Day PHJC. -WM

-12/24/05 New DJ Lonely Boy mix set for download, check it out in the music section. -WM

-12/12/05 HipAndTrippy website version 2.1 up and running. Hopefully it appeases… -WM

-10/25/05 New PHJC set now online, showcasing some new works as well as a few songs from Abstractionz with a live PA twist.

-9/1/05 The PHJC joins forces with Inertia and Rocklife Productions bringing his own special touch to the group and helping push musical boundries in the genre of rock/hardcore.
– WM

-8/13/05 Some older Skunky Cheese songs have been added for download. The PHJC is gearing up for some more shows and tourage and Abstractionz is in the mastering process
– WM

-6/12/05 The PHJC’s previously unreleased “Music For Random Encounters In Strange Places” has been added to the site for free download (TAKEN DOWN DECEMBER 1st) along with his first CD and a few other goodies. You can find them here – WM

-5/16/05 My tour was very entertaining. Thx for showing me so much love at all the shows and thx to my Seattle peeps for feeding me and keeping me out of trouble. :) – PHJC

-4/20/05 Happy 4/20! Thanks to SF for showing some love for Lonely Boy, I heard
the show went well. I’m Prowd to post Lonely Boy’s newest CD as well, it’s full of ragga goodness. Also a new release coming soon from Skunky Cheese. – WM

-3/08/05 Thanks for the love Seattle. The show at the Lower Level was a lot of fun. Got to meet some like minded peeps as well. Shout
out to Teknosis. Chemical theory was also a good time besides a couple technical problems. Thx Kai and hommie Frownums. – PHJC

-2/10/05 I’m back from Vancouver, BC. and I must admit It was a good time. Thank you Liia for your gratious treatment and keeping me alive.
Now it’s time for me to hit the studio again. Tour kicks off again in March. – PHJC

PHJC begins tour of the Northwest starting in Seattle and begins new studio sessions. More info with club dates coming soon. – WM

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